Camryn Champion

Voice of the soul

Camryn Madyson Champion was born on July 8, 2005 in New Jersey. A year after Camryn was born, her family moved to the island of Okinawa, Japan where she lived until March of 2009. Camryn then moved back to New Jersey and at the age of 4, she began to sing everywhere she went. Camryn would be asleep in the car and wake up singing along to the songs on the radio. In 2012, Camryn and her family moved to New York because her father was getting deployed overseas. Camryn stayed strong and during the year her father was away. In summer of 2013, Camryn and her family moved to Vandenberg AFB in California. Camryn was asked to perform the National Anthem at the age of 9 at a monster truck show as well as a military retirement ceremony and a Preschool graduation. Camryn and her family moved back to New Jersey in the summer of 2015 and her father once again deployed overseas for 18 months. Camryn began to write her own songs and filled up the pages in her notebook with amazing lyrics. To date, Camryn has performed in various venues and has won first place in the Coast 2 Coast competition in Brooklyn in November 2018. Camryn dreams of one day being a superstar. For now, she enjoys performing her songs, as well as covers and she is a freshman in High School who also plays on the Volleyball team. The Volleyball team requested  Camryn to sing the National Anthem on 9/11 at Rancocas Valley Regional High School. Camryn Champion is a multi faceted talent who reaches for the stars in all that she does.